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Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7664 ratings )
Games Entertainment Dice Role Playing
Developer: VaragtP Studios AB
Current version: 5.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Feb 2015
App size: 81.65 Mb

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Embark on an epic journey through the lands to grow ever stronger and defeat your enemies.

Tap your way through forests, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps and more as you grow ever more powerful and face tougher opponents and creatures.

Defeat bosses to travel to new areas and recruit new heroes to join your adventure.

Your mighty warrior can attack enemies at a rapid speed and still stand to shield the group from harm.

Your healing mage will use healing magic to heal your wounds.

Your skilled rogue will shoot poisonous arrows that damage your enemies over time and slow arrows to hinder their advance.

Tap with your godly powers to hurt your enemies and heal your heroes. Or unleash your wrath on your enemies with awesome powers while blessing your heroes with helpful buffs.

Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey to upgrade your heroes and gain new abilities to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!


- Over 70 different enemies and bosses
- 10 different worlds to discover
- A Distinct group of heroes with different abilities
- Interesting powers to unleash on your enemies
- RPG elements with tons of skills to upgrade
- Achievements to unlock
- Ridiculous amounts of loot
- Possibly infinite gameplay
- Puppet stage graphics!

* This Free version includes ads.
* If youd like to play the game without ads and with a bonus character unlocked from the start, please buy the premium version of Tap Heroes.

- If you have trouble seeing the information about different buttons and items in the game then try to press down with the finger on the screen, then without lifting the finger, slide the finger over the buttons you want to display the information about.
- The unique dragons can be very tough, you might need to go back to a previous area to get stronger before facing them.
- Later in the game you will unlock the Altar - You can use it to upgrade any stats with 1 Gem instead of using gold. Remember that it can also be used to instantly cool down your Godly Powers to be used again.
- After you defeat the first unique dragon you will unlock the auto-forward feature. It can be found to the left of your healthbar

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Some reviews
5/5 Epic" - "Its a awesome game never had this much fun from a app game" - Juggernaut1985
5/5 "So fun!!!!" - "This game is so so FUN!! The enjoyment of leveling up and grinding on low level enmities is fun" - Little houngan
5/5 "Amazing little game!" - "I found this game really enjoyable from the beginning! Its a simple, yet engaging game and it gets you hooked into the journey that your character is in." - Ax me a question
5/5 "Highly Enjoyable" - "Great cute graphics and simple but very fun gameplay, amazing game and I utterly love it" - Hareta Sora
5/5 "Super cute hero app" - "This is a cute app, fun to play & watch:)" - Elizacat234
5/5 "EPIC" - "10/10 would recommend" - Halfhand87
5/5 "Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap" - "Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap....." - Dragoninferrno
5/5 "Better than Tap Titans" - "More interactive than Tap Titans and the sound effects and art is lovely!!" - aconfusedkender
5/5 "Best "Clicker" yet!" - "I have waited for SO LONG to find a clicker game with this perfect blend of taps and helpers. In games like Hero Clicker, there gets to be a point where the helpers are useless, and the only sensible upgrade is the tap doubler. But in Tap Heroes, each Hero has its own role and is essential to your progress in some way." - The Uncritc

Pros and cons of Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker app for iPhone and iPad

Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker app good for

I keep the game open while I work. The depth of the game at level 25 has been good. Would give it five stars if the game progressed when the app is not in front view.
Fun little game with lots of little bosses. I really like the simple aspect of the game, it is also addicting in a strange way. I feel that it would be better if the enemies were a little more rewarding to kill. Even adding questing to the game would be fun and/or a type of account experience system!! Thanks for the fun little game ☺️
This is by far the best incremental game as of this writing. -graphics are phenomenal! -heroes, while not numerous, are VERY diverse and unique. -interesting powers and interaction between all of them. Would love to be able to gather money when not playing!
Theres not much to learn about the game, but theres so much to do. I dont feel like I need to work too hard but I want to keep playing.
Where to start with this game... -Graphic design is very appealing to the eye, simple but nice. -The gameplay like the Graphics, simple but nice. -Soundtrack.....simple but nice :I Okay, okay this game is simple without a doubt. But it doesnt make it a bad game! I really enjoy it, there are some flaws Id rather not discuss, as I will drag this review on and on and on...BUT! I still must cover quick flaws for the designer, PLEASE LOWER THE POWER TIME. The Power time in this is quiet a lot, kind of disappointed me..(as well as the cost of gems.) I wanted to try the others, but I cant find any gems. Dont get me wrong I like small amounts in video games, makes you feel good when you get, makes you want to save up for that power you wanted! Thats really all I wanted to say about this game. My final score for this game is: 9.5 Warriors out of 10. -Pinto
Great game not enough complexity. Just tapping what about evolution

Some bad moments

There are much better incremental games out there. This game has the worst scaling that I have ever seen. Feels like the developer has done this on purpose in order to get you to buy more gems in order to even have a chance of beating a level without having to spend 1+ hr on it. The style of this game is unique but all other aspects such as gameplay and upgrades are incredibly bland.
Was going to rate the game 5 stars except I bought the 5.99 package and it took the money out if my bank account but wont give me the gems. Also I press restore purchase button and days it cant connect. If I get my gems Ill change it to a 5 star require but until hen this game is a scam!!
The graphics are nice, the gameplay is kinda fun, but the game is- in a whole- quite boring, in order to get any gold you have to sit and tap forever, an there is no gold gain while the app is closed. Id like to recommend a few things: 1. Income while app is closed 2. More upgrades 3. Less "premium currency" purchases 4. Get rid of all those really annoying power buttons that you have to pay "gems" for on the power upgrade screen, give them their own. Thats really all I have to say, theres potential to make a really good game out of this.
Ads are displayed wrong and force me to restart the game. This game doesnt have any special characteristics to it, its just a tardy idle game like the rest.
Dont waste your time. No reward at all playing this pretty game especially with abusive in game transactions.
I feel like after last update its all about purchases. Ruined the game for me. The curve for damage and health is off to and after level 200~ the purpose of the game really dies off. Wish there was class customization and the Warriors damage is better then the rouges because of crit. No point in tap damage because only time you need to tap is to heal during bosses. Great idea for a game though, has lots of potential. Oh the powers are way to long of cool downs

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